Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Air National Guard

An Air National Guard helicopter returns with a Juneau Mountain Rescue Team after rescuing an “extreme hiker” who was stranded on Meade Glacier.


Jarart said...

Great shot! I'm so glad you are back and hope you are feeling better. I missed your interesting pictures.

Small City Scenes said...

We are always glad they are around when one needs help.

We had snow Monday I think--all gone now but it is very cold compared to the very mild winter. 28 in Seattle the other day. In the 30s here and the wind is blowing.

I had to clean the furnace filters and realized while I was hosing them off I left my mittens under the house. Darn wind and water was freezing on my 'delicate' hands. LOL MB

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The Air National Guard is a wonderful service. I wish not so many people took extraordinary chances like extreme hiking, but I don't like it when they lose their lives for doing something they probably should not have done.