Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Eagles congregating near the Mendenhall River


Kim said...

Ooo, you and MB are both sharing eagles shots with us today. This is really fun to see.

And, thanks for the switch to the page comments box! I appreciate it,

Small City Scenes said...

Oh I do love watching the Eagles. I usually only take pics of the Eagles in trees but just driving down the road and one on every pole I had to take shots. this time of the year here they love windy rainy days--swooping and playing tag and I suppose starting the courting.
Spectacular shot you posted. I am envious. MB

raf said...

Wonderful capture, Gwyn! Alaska does have more than its share of that magnificent national symbol.

Marcel said...

Great eagle shot. They are showing up here in Sitka too for the anual hearing run. Even with the rain spring is in the air!

Glennis said...

Lovely eagles, I didn't know they gathered together like this, I thought they were more solitary.