Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alder Monkeys

Alder monkeys hang from the trees along the Mendenhall River.

After painting a few fascia boards the other day, I took our son and a couple of his friends down to the river to play. For years when our son is climbing Alders, I call him “Alder Monkey.” This morning while reading the Capital City Weekly, I came across an article titled “Growing up in the 60s was ‘neat-o” by Judy Halone. Judy shares that her and the neighborhood kids use to enjoy climbing trees in their front yards and that “Tarzan trees” were their favorites. It’s funny because the Alder Monkeys think Tarzan trees are pretty neat-o too.


LDub said...

GORGEOUS!!! Simply gorgeous! The vibrancy of colors and the wide bright smiles that only the beauty of Alaska can bring to young boys who have all of that fresh clean Northern air to breathe in..dare I say I am a bit envious. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures with us.

Linda said...

When I saw the thumbnail on my blogroll I actually thought they were colourful tropical monkeys and that you must be on holiday somewhere hot and jungly!

Elettra said...

what a wonder a life into the nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!