Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sea Princess

     The last week or so has been pretty hectic around here. Three families whom we’re friends with are either moving or preparing to move. One of the families is being transferred with the Coast Guard and leaves on Sunday, so today we took their oldest daughter, who is also our daughter’s best friend, up the Mt. Robert’s Tramway. She had never been before, so we thought it would be a special treat to ride the tram up Mt. Roberts, explore the trails, gift shop, have lunch, and take a few photos.
     We checked the cruise ship schedule this morning and discovered that there was five cruise ships due in Juneau today. Once we got downtown, there were only four in port and the fifth was on it’s way out. We figured the line, at the Tram, would be horrible, but instead we were able board one of the tramcars after only waiting a few minutes, thanks to the tram running every 5 minutes.
     After spending 3 hours at the top, we had to wait in line to make our decent, so I took the opportunity to photograph the four cruise ships in port.  The Sea Princess (the one anchored in the Gastineau Channel) was the same ship used for the “Love Boat” episode in 1981 when Julie McCoy (played by artist Lauren Tewes) was married aboard the Love Boat. When researching which ships were used during the filming of the television series the “Love Boat,” which ran from 1977 to 1986, I learned that a total of six different cruise ships had filming take place on them. Apparently it depended on the episode trip (ex. Europe, China, Caribbean, etc.).
If you would like to see more photos from those participating in Watery Wednesday, just click on the link.


J Bar said...

Great spot to view them.

Anonymous said...

It could be wonderful to cruise there! We have been cruising on the archipelago of Greece and also on the Black Sea.
I can imagine about your photos , that views there are worth of seeing.

Nice day to you! How long are days now in Juneau?
In Joensuu : Sun rises 3:01 and sets 23:03. Length of day is 20 h 2 min.

Dan said...


Suzi Smith said...

Fascinating. They look so small from up there!

Luna Miranda said...

a perfect spot to admire these beautiful ships. nice shot.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I have always wanted to cruise to Alaska. These are amazing shots.